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Fundamental Beliefs

Points that I base my perspectives on:

  • There are always exceptions to the rule

  • Follow the parenting style of your child's mother to the extent that you can

  • Do not try to compete with your child's mother

  • Boundaries with the mother(s) need to be drawn by the child's father (or secondary parental figure)

  • I am Pro-Choice. This is not up for debate, please do not contact me with propaganda. No one loves abortion. It is not a walk in the park and I do not believe that women do it for fun. I believe that it is a very personal, serious, heartbreaking decision. I will not EVER judge a woman who terminates her pregnancy.

  • When it comes to bringing a baby into the world, it seems that the mother carries more of the responsibilities than the father

  • Do not have a baby because you are trying to lock a man down into a relationship

  • Do not have a baby because you're trying to save your relationship

  • Be your own woman with your own career, ambitions and goals. Be an asset to your relationship, not a drain.

  • Choosing to not have a biological child is 100% an acceptable choice

  • Being a biological mother does not make you better than anyone else

I may have ruffled a few feathers. To read more on these bullet points, please click below to read the post that elaborates on them more.