B-I-G is for ERASER!

It seems the United States has moved from "Pandemic Mode" to "Quasi-Pandemic Mode". Due to the Delta variant of Covid, this pandemic is just D-R-A-G-G-I-N-G ON!!!

School started last month and our 16 yr old could not have been more excited! She decided she was going to physically go back to campus for her senior year of high school. She had the option to continue online, but I don't blame her choice. It's her last year, she's been vaccinated and I hope she ends high school with a bang! Our 5 yr old on the other hand, isn't able to be vaccinated yet. So her mother is understandably terrified to leave her at school. She did have her first day physically on campus, but her mother is pulling her out due to the increase in Covid numbers amongst the kids. So she will be continuing Kindergarten online.

Our 5 yr old skipped pre-K so her parents and I tutored her so that she would be ready for this year. I remember that we had just taught her the letters, the sounds and how to sound words out. She's smart, though and sometimes the connections her brain makes are unexpected and hilarious.

Boyfriend: "Look! What is this???"

5 yr old: "Whoa! That's a really big eraser!"

Boyfriend: "What are these letters?"


5 yr old: "B-I-G!"

Boyfriend: "What does that spell???"

5 yr old: "Eraser!!!"

So close! And yet so far. We did get her to sound it all out to eventually get the correct word. 😂

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