Congrats Grad!

My oldest is graduating high school today!!! So many congrats, not only to her but also to her mother and father. They found a way to co-parent civilly and successfully raised their daughter. She will be heading off to Cal State Long Beach in the fall and I could not be more excited for her. Life with freedom is now beginning! I had a great time in my late teens to early 20's. Unlike her parents, I didn't have kids early so I spent my 20's traveling, working (awful jobs) but overall, doing whatever I wanted to do.

My oldest bonus daughter is planning on studying illustration and seems to also have interests in teaching and therapy. So hopefully her chosen professional field will allow her more job stability than my chosen field (acting). I'm fascinated to see how my fiancé handles having an adult child while still raising a little one. Hopefully it'll mean a little bit more flexibility in our schedules as we really only need to now accommodate our 6 year old and her mother, as opposed to multiple mothers and children. Our oldest can now come to us and create her own schedule.

Congratulations, High School Class of 2022!!!

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