Death of Brain Cells

Updated: Feb 13

I've been feeling tired as of late. Maybe it's because I've pretty much gone back to my workload pre-Covid? Whatever reason, I am definitely noticing that I have less patience for little things. What constitutes as little things? Let's take my teenager, for example.

I gave her a box of pads for her period. I am no longer using pads because I have developed allergies to them. I did, however, save 5 from the box I gave her in case I have an emergency. Since she is 17, I thought that she would save some pads and leave them at my house because as most grown women know, there is always the potential for an emergency!!! Instead, she took the entire box back with her to her mom's house. Fine. Except that she has now had her period start 3 different times at my house and didn't have a pad. She has since used up my emergency stash. Her dad and I are currently in the process of reminding her to bring a stash of pads that will stay here at my house ... because that's pretty much what you do with teenagers. Tell them something and literally 5 mins later, they have "no idea of what you're talking about, bruh."

*Cue inner scream*

I feel like every time something like this happens, an innocent brain cell dies.

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