#3 is pregnant ... again. This time it looks like she'll be keeping it.

5 weeks ago she told me that her water heater needed to be replaced. She and her boyfriend could not afford to replace it on their own. She had to ask for financial help from her dad. I have no judgements about asking for help, times are tough right now. However ...

They couldn't afford to replace their water heater, they can barely afford to take care of the two children she currently has ... sure, add another child to the fold! This isn't recklessly irresponsible at all!

I was angry for a full 48 hours. I have now reached apathy. My boyfriend will be having a conversation with her because new boundaries need to be set. #3 absolutely isn't thinking about anyone but herself. I no longer care to work with her or to help her if she feels overwhelmed. She could have been proactive about not getting pregnant until she was financially stable. She has had 5 pregnancy scares/terminations/pregnancies since I've been in the picture. This is not the the behavior of someone who is being proactive with her family planning. I now only care about my 6 year old bonus daughter. Her mother can go kick rocks.

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