Flour on the Broccoli

Parenting challenge: Getting your child to eat vegetables.

I think that's something that all parents can relate to. Our 5 year old doesn't really eat a lot of vegetables at her mom's house, at least that's what she tells us. She said that she gets to eat different a different dinner than everyone else at her mother's house because she doesn't always like what everyone else is eating. I'm not a fan of that. Totally cool if her mom has that energy! I do not! When I cook, I cook my meals from scratch. We can thank the pandemic for giving me the time to do this. I am by no means a great chef, it was just a skill I chose to work on during lockdown. Personally, I like to know what's in my food (or as much as I can know about what's in my food). As a result, I refuse to make an individual meal for a picky toddler. With support from my boyfriend, our 5 year old now eats what everyone else in our house is eating. We've told her that she has no choice and that she has to eat her vegetables when she's with us. We've also told her that if there are vegetables she doesn't like, just eat it as fast as she can so she can get it over with at the beginning of the meal. Part of this journey is also exposing her to the variety of vegetables that are out there. So far, we know that she like carrots, eggplant (that was surprising!), string beans, lettuce and tomatoes. She does not like broccoli. However, she takes her deep breathes and gets it down when it's given to her. Good girl!

The other day, we introduced her to cauliflower. And this is what followed:

5 year old: "Hey! I like this!"

*Holds up a forkful of cauliflower*

Me: "Yeah? You like the white broccoli."

Boyfriend: "That's called cauliflower!"

5 year old: "You put flour on the broccoli to make it white?"

... 🤔

I do see the connection that she made.

This may have been my fault. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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