Happy Halloween

I bought pumpkins for the kids to make Jack-O-Lanterns. (The pumpkin vines that I planted earlier this year were not a success. I really tried! I'm a little sad about it!) There was this smallish pumpkin sitting on my kitchen table.

*6 yr old walks into the kitchen*

6yr old: "A pumpkin!!!"

*She proceeds to pick this 20ish lbs pumpkin off the table*

Me: "Careful with that! You can actually break that!"

*6 yr old places pumpkin back onto the table. I turn around for literally one second to throw something away. I turn back around to see my 6 yr old karate chop the pumpkin*


6 yr old: "That hurt my hand."

My inner dialogue: What the f*ck did I just witness?!? None of that made any f*cking sense!!!


Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe!

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