In the Weeds

I'm in the weeds!

That's a restaurant phrase that means you're overwhelmed and you could use any help that any coworkers are able or willing to give!

I am slightly in the weeds right now, but in my daily life. (Thankfully I no longer waitress. That was a hard job.) For those who have been following along, my day job is that of a Pilates Instructor. I got a new job! I still have my old one, so I am now teaching Pilates at at two studios. Here's why it's been stressful:

My new studio was desperately in need of an instructor. My mentor from my other studio also teaches here. She essentially got the company to hire me based off her recommendation. They never met me prior - essentially, did not know anything about me. They just trusted her! I am so grateful for the opportunity, but I am fully aware that her reputation is riding on me. I have been teaching at this studio for the entire month of November with no training. I do not know what type of Pilates they do and I am barely familiar with their Pilates reformer. I'm sure I've already gotten a few complaints from people saying that I have no idea of what I'm doing. I know Pilates, so I will work you out. But if you're coming to a studio for a very specific kind of workout, you might be upset if your instructor doesn't know the style and is just making things up. I am finally getting trained this coming weekend. I'm relieved that this weekend is here, but also a little anxious.

If you've never done a Pilates Instructor training/certification course, training usually happens from 9am-5pm on multiple days, it will include a ton of education on repertoire, anatomy and will include multiple intense workouts throughout the day. I might die.

Depending on how overwhelmed I get (because now I've taken on a new job, which probably requires some studying on top of taking care of the bonus kids, running my house, taking care of my spouse and the dog), I may skip a few weeks. Do not worry! I will be back soon!!!

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