Lost in Translation

I showed my 6 year old her older sister's toothbrush so she could see the difference between a toothbrush from regular use vs a brand new one. The next morning, this conversation happened:

17 year old: "[6 year old] called me over to show me her toothbrush. She told me to get mine and pointed out how my toothbrush bristles were perfect. Then she pointed to how her toothbrush's bristles looked a little mangled. She said my toothbrush looked the way it did because I wasn't brushing my teeth every morning and every night. Her toothbrush looked messy, which meant that she was brushing every day and every night. She said that you told her this."

Me: "Oh, my God! I did not say that! I said that your toothbrush was NEW! That's why it looks so pristine! Not that you're not brushing your teeth!"

6 year old (who has been eavesdropping this whole time): "Oh."

This is how rumors get started. *Insert face palm here*

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