Not My Choice

Having started therapy, one point that has become increasing clear is how much I hate not having control over my own life. This is due to having a very controlling and domineering mother. So when I was finally of age to make my own decisions - oh my God, the freedom!!!

I feel enraged when someone else's poor decisions have a direct impact on my life. *Looks at boyfriend and baby mama #3* I get so angry at how my boyfriend's past poor decisions and #3's current reckless decisions sometimes controls what my day will look like. (#1 will once in a while make a decision where she forgets to include my boyfriend and I in her process. That's understandable, yet frustrating. I'd probably have more patience for her if I didn't also have to deal with #3)

Discussion point: As a parent or bonus parent, how does it feel when you have to cope with the other parent's decision that you don't expect or approve of? How do you feel and how do you manage that emotion? Let's discuss in the comments.

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