One thing I really appreciate about my partner is how he approaches parenting with me. Lately, our 6 year old has been getting on my nerves because she's constantly asking me, "When am I going home?". She'll ask at least once a day or she'll ask me the minute she enters my house. It makes me feel like she doesn't want to be with us. I get that she's just being a 6 year old, so I have been holding back from responding to her with irritation.

My boyfriend's response: "Okay, since it's rubbing you the wrong way, let's talk it out with her. Let's have a conversation and explain to her that we're only going to answer that question once per weekend and explain that her always asking hurts our feelings, that it makes us feel like she doesn't want to be with us."

I love how he's ready to help trouble shoot an issue that bothers me, that he takes my feelings into consideration as opposed to just blindly defending his daughter,

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