I survived my new job's certification course. My new job is essentially Pilates on steroids. My mentor didn't really explain to me what kind of Pilates this company did and oh, my God! My butt got kicked! The workouts are super intense!!! I was literally screaming in my head, "What the Hell?!?" when they had the us do a work out. I had no idea I was going to work out that day. I also had no idea that each student was going to teach a 5 minute block the next day. Since an instructor needs people to teach, all the students had to work out for each other. I essentially did two super intense workouts within 48 hours! I was so sore! I can teach it though! I impressed my boss and head trainer, because if you remember from a previous post, they knew nothing about me before hiring me.

One of the things Pilates Instructors do is create playlists for their classes. That's one of the reasons why people will come to you, aside from liking the workouts that you create and teach. Your choice in music is a huge selling point. My boss really likes EDM. Suffice it to say, I do not. But to match the vibe of this studio, I wanted a playlist with fast beats like EDM, but wasn't EDM. Who better to ask about the best new music that's out than a teenager?

I asked my 17 year old bonus daughter to put together a playlist for me and she did not disappoint! I felt like it was a good bonding moment, especially since she just experienced her first heartbreak. We talked a lot about boys, my thoughts on break ups, the best way to get through them, acknowledging that the heart is going to hurt, but keep moving forward and the heart will heal and remember the lessons learned. I figured one way to help keep her busy (besides the fact that she had homework to keep her occupied) was to help me put together a playlist that will help me work out the housewives that will be coming to my new Pilates classes!

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