Stupid or Stubborn?

#3 and her family haven't been monitoring my 6 year old when it comes to brushing her teeth. My youngest bonus daughter confessed that she still isn't brushing her teeth in the morning, only at night.

... wait, okay ... hold up ...

Adults on #3's side (#3, #3's mother, father, brother, sister who all live in the same house) - you all just put this child through a dental procedure, that was pretty scary for a 6 year old and 100% avoidable ... AND YOU STILL AREN'T TAKING ACTIONS TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN?!?

Are we stupid or stubborn here? You know what, I'm just going to come right out and say negligent. Y'all are f*cking negligent and I feel so bad for my 6 year old! You guys are f*cking failures!!! This is not just about good dental hygiene!!! This is about learning basic good habits!

So I've helped create a dental routine for my youngest. Not only am I with her when she brushes her teeth, morning and night, I've taught her how to floss and we use a kid friendly mouthwash every night. The flossing is hard. She isn't able to do it by herself, but I am more than happy to help her. It's clear that the only time her teeth are going to be properly taken care of is when she's with her dad. When summer vacation comes, we will be requesting to increase our weekend with her by adding on a day. Unfortunately, that's all we're able to take on right now.

It's like her mother's family has silently said, "You gotta take care of yourself now, kid. We've got a new baby on the way and we need to focus on that." F*ck these people! And we wonder why #3 is as dysfunctional as she is!

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