Sucky Moments

The one thing I wish someone could have told me as I entered into this blended family was that there were going to be sucky moments. No one is a fault for these moments, they just temporarily exist until you get further immersed into the family. An example:

There was this one evening where my boyfriend had our two girls and I in his car. We had just had dinner and were leaving the restaurant, all having a great time laughing and joking around. My boyfriend then pulled up to his mom's house, which was where we had been spending the day and abruptly told me that I had to get out of the car. I had forgotten that he was going to take the girls home after dinner. It was an abrasive reminder of the reality that the girls' mothers may not have been ready to meet me yet. It was a stark reminder that I wasn't fully immersed into the family yet. I felt like the odd person out. I had to wait so that all parties could be mentally and emotionally ready to meet the other.

If you're in a new blended family and sucky moments happen, all I can say is yeah, I've experienced them too. Thankfully in my case, these moments were fleeting and I have since met and spent time with both mothers. Hopefully they will be temporary moments for you too. I wish I had someone at that time that I could have called on the phone who could have said, "These are just sucky moments. They happen, they're no one's fault and everything will all be okay."

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