The Order of Events

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

If you're already very familiar with blogs, this post may not apply to you. Perhaps it's just my friends who find the order of my posts a little confusing (my friends are a special kind of special, and I say that with love. You are who your friends are, as they say! I definitely have my share of "space cadet" moments too). So if you find that the order of events seem to be going backwards, you might want to start with the posts that were published first. Generally speaking, I'd recommend reading older entries first because this is a journey. I'm finding that I'm layering opinions on top of ideas and revelations that have been already written.

Also, I have all my Philosophies listed on a tab in the Menu Bar at the top. Easy access if one wants to remind themselves of the philosophical foundation on which I'm prattling on about.

The plan is to post every Friday. Hopefully I will see you every week!

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