The Schedule

Back when I reached out to talk to #3, I told her about the schedule that my boyfriend and I agreed upon. I explained that the schedule was representative of stability, that it was important for us to all stick to it because our 6 year old needs to know what it feels like to be in a routine. #3 agreed and even went so far as to say that of the three of us, (her, my boyfriend and I) I was the one who knew what stability looked like. Of the three of us, I had the most stable upbringing and she wanted to follow whatever recommendations I had. I warned her that following the schedule (excluding emergencies) would be difficult, that I wouldn't be surprise if she or my boyfriend would try to change it. I requested if my boyfriend tried to change the schedule for no reason, that she would say, "No." I also expressed that I would not be surprised if she tried to change it because if following a schedule is new, it would probably be challenging to stick to it.

As the months have been going by, I have witnessed both #3 and my boyfriend try to change things and thankfully, true to their words, they have been holding each other accountable. Our 6 year old has consistently been on schedule. Progress!

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