The Toddler Has Given In

Our 6 year old is improving, significantly! We have been doing her Honesty and Potty Charts since Sept. I can only speak for how she has been doing on our side, but she would have some weekends with a lot of highs and then a lot of lows.

The lying was pretty bad for a few months. She would lie about almost everything; things as simple as whether she brushed her hair, what she did that day, did she eat the vegetables we told her to eat, did she wet her pants? It was pretty brutal giving reward stars, then having to take them back, but that's progress, right? You take two steps forward and one step back. I would say that the biggest change happened after we had her come over to visit her dad, despite her making a huge fuss about not wanting to come. It seems that something has clicked in her head. She has stopped the lying and she has stopped trying to pit her parents' households against each other. She has stopped demanding for desserts since we have all been making it clear that she can only have them if we're celebrating or if she's earned them. Her behavior has been great and I am so proud of her!

She's still wetting her pants, but it's definitely less frequent. I hope that all of us as a parenting unit can keep up with the consistency and that our 6 year old's progress will continue. Onwards and up! 2022 is already looking good!

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