Update on the Teeth

My 6 year old bonus daughter had her two front teeth removed and she is currently on antibiotics. When her teeth were taken out, all the pus that was infecting her top gums came out. I was livid to hear this. If the infection had gotten to her jaw bone, this could have actually turned into something serious. This could have been prevented had the adults she lived with monitored her and made sure she brushed her teeth regularly. Her mother actually said, "I had those same pimples when I was little." So ... that means you had poor dental hygiene when you were a child, #3.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I have been told by a friend of mine who is Costa Rican that dental hygiene isn't a high priority in Hispanic households. That she, my friend didn't understand the importance of dental hygiene until she was in her 20's. As a result, she has had extensive dental work and is very sure that her issues would have been significantly less had she known to take better care of her teeth. If my bonus daughter's dental issues stem from a cultural lack of prioritizing her dental health, hopefully my voice (nagging more like it) will have an influence. Thus far, it appears that my 6 year old understands that brushing her teeth is important. I have been told that she has been diligently brushing her teeth since her dental appointment, and her grandmother and mother are monitoring her.

Brush your teeth, folks! And please make sure your children are also brushing their teeth!

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